The Hour that Turned Blue

Release date 12th April 2024. Crossing the genres of contemporary pop, folk and rock, and with her trademark haunting vocals, UK singer-songwriter Venus’s new album ‘The Hour that Turned Blue’ invites the listener to join her on another intriguing adventure into her inner world. Set to release on Friday April 12th, 'The Hour that Turned Blue' is actually 44 minutes of magic, mysticism, heartbreak and hope. Full press release to follow shortly.



Paul Simon's haunting and beseeching melody and message was always going to be a perfect fit for Venus as a cover - and so it proved when over 1 Million tiktok users spread Venus's 1 minute version across the globe recently.

Venus went straight into the studio to capture that unique vibe -  and that live take is what is now available as a full version, complete with the addition of some orchestral instruments such as cello, violins and percussion. 

Simon's lyrics seem as relevant today as ever, encouraging us all to find our voices: 
"People writing songs that voices never share 
No-one dared
Disturb the sound of silence"



Hand Delivered Records is delighted to announce the release of the new single from Venus, “BORROWED BREATH”, available everywhere on Friday 25th August 2023. 

“I’m weathered and worn but my house is still standing against the wind” 

‘Borrowed Breath’ is an upbeat and optimistic reflection on the challenges of life and relationships, and continues the contemporary folk/pop vibes of the recent releases, ‘Witness (I’m Not My Mind)’ and ‘Shutter Speed’, by UK singer-songwriter Venus. It is the third single from her forthcoming album, released on her own Hand Delivered Records label. 

Venus is cementing her place as one of the globe's busiest and most successful independent live streaming and performing singer songwriters. For years she tried, like so many artists before her, to get people to hear and like  her music. She gigged, spent everything she had sending out releases, but could never really find her ‘tribe’ - people who accepted her for being her. But Venus  didn’t want to compromise by bending herself out of shape and producing music to please others - she always wanted to create for the joy of creating. 

Then in 2018 Venus found live streaming. She stumbled upon a global tribe who not only celebrated her ‘being her’, but who even supported her to create and play what she loves and who wanted to see her perform regularly. Today Venus's music is an outpouring of her inner world, unshackled by commercial compromise. In the last 5 years she has become one of the globe's most prolific live artists racking up well over 2000 performance hours and over 7 million live views - all in full studio quality from her studio in East Sussex.  She remains so grateful to the continually growing fanbase of  70,000+  Venusians who have given her the chance to follow her heART...”

Written by Venus, ‘Borrowed Breath’ was co-produced by former Motown signed songwriter and producer Bazza and mastered by Alex Wharton (Aurora, The Chemical Brothers, Coldplay, Massive Attack) at Abbey Road Studios, London.  




Hand Delivered Records announce the release of the new single,  

“WITNESS (I’M NOT MY MIND)”,  by Venus. 

Hand Delivered Records is delighted to announce the release of the new single from Venus, “WITNESS (I’M NOT MY MIND)”, available everywhere on Friday 9th June 2023.  

Venus says: ”Witness is about reconnecting with nature and finding inner stillness, and ultimately discovering that we are not the mind made self”. 

‘Witness (I’m Not My Mind)’ is a driving, contemporary folk/pop track and the first single from the forthcoming album by UK singer-songwriter and Venus, released on her own Hand Delivered Records label.  

Five years ago Venus decided to explore the brave new world of live streaming, way before it became cool, driven by the desire to find her ‘tribe’ and offer regular, studio/concert quality, live performances straight into people’s homes. Today Venus has become one of the most accomplished musicians on the platform, having performed the equivalent of a live 70 minute set every single day for 5 years and gaining 70,000 followers in the process. She’s also recently gone viral on tiktok with her haunting take on classics such as ‘Sound of Silence’.  

Written by Venus, ‘Witness’ was co-produced by former Motown signed songwriter and producer Bazza and mastered by Alex Wharton (Aurora, The Chemical Brothers, Coldplay, Massive Attack) at Abbey Road Studios, London. The full broadcast video, to be premiered during the weekend following the release of the single, was all shot on location in The Ashdown Forest.  


Press release

UK singer-songwriter Venus, whose emotion-packed and heart-warming live stream show VenusWorld has become one of the biggest musical success stories on the multi-million audience viewing platform Twitch, releases her new single ‘Royals’, a fan favourite and an uplifting and emotional alt/electro pop version of the Lorde classic, on her own Hand Delivered Records label on Friday 21st October. 

A totally committed performer and musician as well as a much loved presenter, Venus has hosted over 800 ‘gigs’ since launching on Twitch in 2018, totalling nearly 2000 performance hours, building a set of over 300 songs, including a growing stockpile of emotion-packed covers and originals. She currently has 65,000 Twitch followers and regularly performs live to audiences of between 450-600, the equivalent of playing 5+ packed gigs every week at London’s famous Marquee Club. During that time she has released two covers albums, Feels:Covers Vol 1&2, and her own double album of original songs titled ‘VenusWorld’ as well as various singles.

Having consolidated her Twitch fan base Venus has in the last 2 months started to spread her wings to TikTok. Her ‘songs in a British accent’ niche has seen her go viral with covers of songs such as ‘Jolene’, ‘Teenage Dirtbag, ‘Sounds of Silence’ and ‘Paint it Black’ - amassing over 2 million views and 30,000 followers in just a few weeks.

Fun Venus facts: Venus was previously known as Sophie Janes with her debut album being ‘The Fog’ which was mastered in London's legendary Abbey Road Studios by Alex Wharton who has also worked on releases for The Beatles, Aurora, The Chemical Brothers and Mumford and Sons; the title track was featured globally in SKY TV's Formula 1 coverage; her debut gig was London's Earls Court, swiftly followed by Balham's iconic 'The Bedford Arms' where artists such as Ed Sheeran, U2 and The Clash have given early career performances; Twitch stream visitors have included DeadMau5 and mega Youtuber Mr Beast who donated £1100 in one hit!




DROPS 21/10/22

'ROYALS' is the brand new single from Venus. This uplifting and emotive alt/electro pop version of the Lorde hit has become a fan favourite on the VenusWorld Twitch  show. for details.




OUT NOV 26TH 2021


UK singer-songwriter Venus, whose emotion-packed live stream show VenusWorld has become one of the biggest musical success stories on the multi-million audience viewing platform Twitch, is set to unleash her fan-inspired album ‘Feels:Covers,Vol.2’,  globally on November 26th on her own Hand Delivered Records label.

Feels:2, which follows the release of her own originals album VenusWorld earlier in 2021, contains a mouthwatering mix of acapella, stripped back and full production cover songs shaped over hundreds of live performances by Venus on Twitch. 

Songs include her highly popular 'Windmills of Your Mind' reworking that has gained over 180,000 views on youtube, a sensational and haunting live acapella Twitch recording of 'Scarborough Fair' and radical full production transformations of Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger' and The Foo Fighters' rock classic 'The Pretender'. 

Alongside these are rich and dreamy interpretations of The Mamas and Papas 'Dream a Little Dream', the Bacharach and David classic 'Close to You' (made famous by The Carpenters) - and heart-rending versions of Radiohead's 'I Will' and the lesser known Rob Dickinson song 'The End of the World'. 

With other stripped back 'live' performances, featuring Venus's unique vocal and piano styling of Joni Mitchell's 'Case of You', Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can't Make You Love me' and Glen Hansard's 'The Moon', "Feels:Covers, Vol.2" is an album that will transport you into other worlds. 

Venus loves highlighting lesser known artists in her song selections and this album features a full acapella reworking of the brilliant Scott Matthews song 'Underlying Lies'.


PRESS release