Crossing the genres of alternative  pop, folk and rock, and with her trademark haunting vocals, UK singer-songwriter Venus’s new album ‘The Hour that Turned Blue’ invites the listener to join her on another intriguing adventure into her inner world. Set to release on Friday April 12th, 'The Hour that Turned Blue' is actually 44 minutes of magic, mysticism, heartbreak and hope.

With the release of this, her third album, Venus is again demonstrating a freedom of expression that has become a critical part of her regular shows and songwriting. Offering a diverse range of genres from infectious folk/pop tunes 'Witness' and 'Borrowed Breath' through the hypnotic guitar laced pop vibes of Champion to the soul-stirring ballad 'Postscript' and the anthemic title track ‘The Hour that Turned Blue’, Venus is making the music that she loves, free of compromise. This is perfectly demonstrated by the uproarious and image-laden ‘The House on the Hill’, a track that takes the listener from laid-back, smoke-filled jazz club into full-in-your-face rock arena.

As the face of the hit Twitch TV music show 'VenusWorld', Venus has amassed a dedicated following, broadcasting three times a week to a global audience of 36,000 (and rising) every month. Over the past six years, she has performed over 2300 hours to an audience exceeding 4 million people, the equivalent of a 1 hour show every single day without breaking. This remarkable feat speaks to her unwavering dedication and passion for connecting with her fans through the power of music. It also makes her one of the hardest-working live musicians in the industry.

Venus's impactful artistry is beginning to extend far beyond Twitch. This was evidenced this year by her cover of 'The Windmills of Your Mind' being featured on national TV across America in the 'Today' show, accompanying top US free skater Lindsay Thorngren's award-winning performance. Venus's interpretations of classics 'The Sound of Silence', 'Teenage Dirtbag', and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' have also all recently gone viral on TikTok, captivating audiences worldwide. 

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🧡 The inside story 🧡

Some stuff about me

But first a personal invitation

🧡Hello beloved human beans! I'm Venus, a singer songwriter, musician and recording artist who loves to boulder !! I'm from near London and I write and perform a mixture of haunting and emotion-packed cinematic indie folk pop originals and cover songs, releasing regular new music. You can find me performing  LIVE from my studio in my tri-weekly 'VenusWorld' stream show on Twitch which is simulcast to youtube. So if you really want to know what I'm about, come and say hello and meet my  amazing community who will give you the warmest of warm welcomes ! 

And probably most importantly, here's a picture of me and my Old Tyme English Bulldog, 'David Bowie'.

And now the bit I don't write!🧡



'Venus is a powerhouse vocalist with a penchant for the theatrical and cinematic'    (Evensound)

Having just featured coast to coast on the US 'Today' show where US skater Lindsay Thorngren performed to Venus's haunting cover of 'The Windmills of your Mind', Venus is cementing her place as one of the globe's most successful independent live streaming and performing singer songwriters.

 Venus's new single is 'Elements', an indie folk track featuring signature voice and piano work, jangly guitars and folk beats. 

The Story: For years Venus gigged, spent everything she had sending out releases, but could never find her ‘tribe’ - people who loved her for being her. Venus didn’t want to compromise by bending herself out of shape or producing music to please others - she always wanted to create for the joy of creating. In 2018 Venus found live streaming. She stumbled upon a global tribe who not only celebrated her ‘being her’, but who supported her to create and play what she loves and who craved regular live performances.

Today Venus's music is an outpouring of an inner world, unshackled by commercial compromise. In the last 5+ years she has become one of the globe's most prolific live artists racking up well over 2000 performance hours and over 7 million live views - in full audio/visual quality from a studio in East Sussex. Venus has also recently gone viral on tiktok with 3M+ views. All thanks to the ever growing fanbase of 70,000+ Venusians who have given her the chance to follow her heART...” 

You can find all the links to Venus's music on this site so do please come and join the growing band of Venusians!