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come and meet the warmest community around

I perform live on Twitch.TV - a free-to-view platform - 3/4 times every week (see events listing below). I love singing and playing my piano LIVE from my studio, so grab a tea and make yourself at home while I serenade you with my original songs and hauntified covers ❤️

You're guaranteed a warm welcome from my amazing community of beans, led by the incrediblly hard-working mod team from all over the globe featuring MadetooRaid, Kentai, Tegrof, Boris Ammerlaan, Monkey Maniu and Raziel.

I am also starting to stream live on youtube - come and join my discord and watch social media posts for all latest schedules.

Venusworld and the venus effect

'The Venus Effect' is a term coined by one of Venus's many Twitch followers, the one and only 'MadetooRaid',  and is what happens when:

1) A new viewer finds themselves in the VenusWorld stream for the first time and is overcome by the sheer warmth and tidal wave of love freely shared by a rapidly growing 37,000+ strong community, many of who have themselves been lifted out of dark and difficult life situations by exposure to the emotional high that is a VenusWorld live stream.

2) Venus herself takes a song you may have known in another form, and 'hauntifies' it - injecting well known songs with a heart-rending combination of emotional piano playing and close-mic'd vocals  that are guaranteed to rip out the heart. Or, as VenusWorld's resident poet Madetooraid put it when commenting in the stream chat to VenusWorld's cover of 'Falling' by The Civil Wars: 

"Yet another incredible original that is taken to untold heights by the indescribable abilities of Venus. Truly "The Venus Effect" in full effect! The ice cold stiletto that effortlessly slides between the ribs and instantly pierces your heart with melancholy. The slow motion recognition of a dying relationship, brought to you in agonizing, ethereal slowness by the incomparable @VenusWorld ."

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