Here's how you can really help (other than what you already do which is beyond amazing).

Music platforms such as Spotify, itunes, Deezer, Apple music, Amazon all work around algorithms. Here's what helps Venus to get higher in those algorithms:

1) Regular social media posts shouting out her music with a Venus music link from one of those platforms 

2) Regular complete song plays on those platforms. Partial plays can be interpreted as a user not liking the song.

3) Adding Venus's music to appropriate genre-related or theme-related playlists, particularly in the first few days following a release. If Venus gets lots of playlist adds and plays within 48 hours of a release, the algorithms will sit up and take notice and that really helps.

4) Blogs that talk about her or her music and give links.

Those platforms LOVE being linked back to. They LOVE being talked about. They LOVE being connected with new music and rising artists.