Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Wednesday 28 July 2021

42k FOLLOWERS PARTY! - Twitch music streamer Venus celebrated with her global family of Venusians with an evening of original songs from her two albums and a sprinkling of as yet unreleased tracks which can only be heard on her live shows. The viewers - our cherished Beans - were moved to such comments as this from tegrof_: "Amazing. You are incredible. It is amazing the level of emotion you can draw, time after time. No matter the amount of times you've sung them, you put everything into it all and it is AMAZING. Venus, you're a star, bright, shining supernova in our sky." Thanks dear Beans for your love and astonishingly generous support. After the stream we were stoked to be able to take everyone to raid the brilliant drummer DanDrumstone. 



Before You Go 

The Choir 


Endless Blue 

The Web

Laughter Lines 

My Mimosa 

Web of Lies 

The House on the Hill 

Sea Songs Trilogy

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