Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Wednesday 27 July 2022

Twith music streamer Venus' live show on Wednesday comprised the below set of stunning originals and some classic covers such as "Windmills of Your Mind" and Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You". Our growing family of Venusian Beans seemed to enjoy themselves and we thank them for their outstanding support and such lovely comments as these from piggradio: "Breathtakingly beautiful performance." and zengirlthedodo: "If there is a heaven, this will be what I hear....not that I'm going there, but still."   It was our great pleasure to take everyone to raid the super talented SoutheyMusic after the stream.

Song List

Titanium - David Guetta, Sia 

Part of Me - Venus 

Space Oddity - David Bowie 

Songbird - Eva Cassidy 

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor 

My Immortal - Evanescence 

Paralysed - Venus 

Skyfall - Adele 

Halley’s Comet - Billie Eilish 

Dirty Rain - Ryan Adams 

Canary - Venus 

My Closest Friend - Venus 

Postscript - Venus 

A Case of You - Joni Mitchell 

The Choir - Venus 

The Hour That Turned Blue - Venus 

Windmills of Your Mind - Dusty Springfield 

Shutter Speed - Venus