Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Saturday 5 June 2021

Freaking DRESS MARATHON PARTY STREAM! Yes, Twitch music streamer Venus celebrated FORTY THOUSAND followers with a special show in which she changed dresses every song so that over three streams she will be modelling her entire collection of fifty one gowns. What fun we had. The audience (aka the Beans) seemed to think it was entertaining too, judging by the comments such as this one from tegrof_: "like, a normal stream. she's amazing, gorgeous, music to blow your mind, beauty to stun. This incredible dress after incredible dress is overloading my senses entirely. I would say I had no idea there were people like Venus, but I still don't think there are. This is unique perfection. mind blowingly amazing." Thanks dear Beans for all your appreciation and your truly staggering amounts of support. Thanks also to heresKRSNA for raiding us. After the show we had the pleasure of raiding the talented and gorgeous singer-songwriter Annelle.

Song List 

Swathe of Stars - Venus 

More Than Gold - Venus 

Post Script - Venus 

The Devil at Your Door - Venus 

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor 

Part of Me - Venus 

My Immortal - Evanescence 

Hunted - Venus 

The End of the World - Rob Dickinson 

Hide & Seek - Imogen Heap 

Shutter Speed - Venus 

Acrylic - Venus 

The Hush - Venus 

Salinas - Laura Marling 

The Web - Venus 

Oxygen - Venus 

F it I Miss You - Venus

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