Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Saturday 16 October 2021

ALL ORIGINAL STREAM HYPE! Twitch musician Venus treated her audience to a performance of original song that elicited such comments as this from our cherished Venusian Bean MadeTooRaid: "Dance this mood forever into the dusk. Willfully abandon all that holds you to the jealous ground and embrace the bruised melancholia carrying you effortlessly into the dawning night. SING IT VENUS!!!" Thanks dear Made for all that you do for VenusWorld, and thanks to all our Beans for their incredibly supportive kindness. After the show we took all the Beans to raid the astoundingly talented violinist ThatViolinChick.

Song List - ALL BY VENUS

Part of Me 

Daisy Chains 

The Choir 

Web of Lies 


Before You Go 

My Mimosa 

Sea Songs Trilogy 

The Fog 

A Million Voices 

The Hour That Turned Blue 

Post Script