Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Monday 10 May 2021

THE MYSTERY OF THE NEW COVER...... Twitch music streamer Venus kept her audience of "Beans" in suspense on Monday evening around the identity of the famous 80s song on which she has just finished recording a production. The big reveal was that it was Eye of the Tiger by Survivor - and Venus' new version was so appreciated that it had to be performed again before the end. Venus enjoyed dressing the part in a vintage sequinned 80s dress with impressive shoulder pads. Thanks to our Venusian family for all your extraordinary support as always. Thanks too to Krissi and JiveAces for raiding us.  We were thrilled to take the Beans to raid the fabulous pianist Sarah Coponat after the show.

Song List

Idon’twannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish 

Part of Me - Venus 

Soothing - Laura Marling 

Lock and Key - Venus 

Sandstorm - Venus 

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor 

Exit Music for a Film - Radiohead 

God From Joe’s Perspective - Venus 

Zombie - The Cranberries 

Her - Venus 

Perfect Day - Lou Reed 

Post Script - Venus 


I Found - Amber Run } 

Space oddity - David Bowie } 

Can’t Make you Love Me - Bonnie Raitt } 

Volcano - Damien Rice } 

9 Crimes - Damien Rice } 

Snuff - Slipknot } 

Murder Song - Aurora } 

Night Call - London Grammar } 

What He Wrote - Laura Marling } 

The Pretender - The Foo Fighters 

Oxygen - Venus 

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor 




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