Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Friday 12 November 2021

"Review for news: Charming & informative. Very talented: marvelous entertainer." Well thank you so much for that review rrrrrrrolllypollllly, much appreciated! This appeared in the live chat during Twitch music streamer Venus' stream on Friday, a performance of the below covers and originals that also elicited this comment from MadeTooRaid: "Gliding, drifting slowly, languidly, through the misty paths of memory. Lost, but uncaring, you realize your feet know the way, even if you don't. Drawn inexorably, ever so slowly, to the siren song of your dreams. Ethereal chords guide your heart through the landscape of melancholy. Venus is your guide; follow and be amazed." Aw thanks Made, and massive gratitude to all our Beans for their astonishing support as always. Thanks too DanDrumstone for the raid! Our post-show raid was on the awesome singer-songwriter MatthewkHeafy.

Song List

The Blower’s Daughter - Damien Rice 

Oxygen - Venus 

Lovesong- The Cure 

Her - Venus 

Joga - Bjork 

Sea Songs Trilogy - Venus 

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen 

Skyfall - Adele 

A Million Voices - Venus 

I Love You - Billie Eilish 

Vincent - Don MacLean 

Part of Me - Venus 

Scarborough Fair - Traditional 

Before You Go - Venus