Venus Twitch Live Music - ALL ORIGINALS - Stream Review Monday 11 July 2022

"I don't think I've been so attentive to a stream, EVER" said RyForShort in the chat of Twitch music streamer Venus during her show on Monday. Venus performed an all origninals song set and the audience of worldwide Beans showed their support as always.Thanks to all of you for your beautiful comments and extraordinary generosity. A big shout out also goes to fellow streamers MelissaBretMusic and Ludgero_rosas for raiding us. In turn we all went to raid the lovely and talented musician Amellerose after the stream.


Stop Me 


Sea Songs Trilogy 

Shutter Speed 

My Closest Friend 

Every Passing Day 

The Choir 

Web of Lies 

The Fog 

A Million Voices