NEW COVERS ALBUM from Venus (aka VenusWorld)

(10/11/2021) - Last night Twitch streamer Venus premiered her new album "Feels:Covers:,Vol 2" on her VenusWorld live stream show.

Venus's second covers album, Feels:2, which follows the release of her own originals album VenusWorld earlier in 2021, contains a mouthwatering mix of acapella, stripped back and full production cover songs shaped over hundreds of live performances by Venus on her hugely successful Twitch.TV VenusWorld show. 

Songs include her highly popular 'Windmills of Your Mind' reworking that has gained over 180,000 views on youtube, a sensational and haunting live acapella Twitch recording of 'Scarborough Fair' and radical full production transformations of Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger' and The Foo Fighters' rock classic 'The Pretender'. 

Alongside these are rich and dreamy interpretations of The Mamas and Papas 'Dream a Little Dream', the Bacharach and David classic 'Close to You' (made famous by The Carpenters) - and heart-rending versions of Radiohead's 'I Will' and the lesser known Rob Dickinson song 'The End of the World'. 

With other stripped back 'live' performances, featuring Venus's unique vocal and piano styling of Joni Mitchell's 'Case of You', Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can't Make You Love me' and Glen Hansard's 'The Moon', "Feels:Covers, Vol.2" is an album that will transport you into other worlds. 

Venus loves highlighting lesser known artists in her song selections and this album features a full acapella reworking of the brilliant Scott Matthews song 'Underlying Lies'.