Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Monday 28 December 2020

All original stream hype! Twitch music stream Venusworld saw UK singer-songwriter Venus devoting her entire show to a set of original songs, much to the enjoyment of her family of Venusians or as she like to call them, the Beans. Some songs were well known and already released, some not yet released and some the more rare treasures that are not often performed. Audience numbers were swelled by delightful raids, from swing and jive band JiveAces - thanks guys, and Scotland-based musician Rndmzd - thanks Liam! After the set, we took the Beans to visit the wonderful singer Ihazabeard .


Venus Original Song List

God From Joe’s Perspective 

Swathe of Stars 

The Choir 


Alone With Myself 

Daisy Chains 

F it I Miss You 

My Mimosa 

The Web 


Shutter Speed 

The Fog 

Shattered Mirrors 

Untitled original 

A Million Voices 

The Hush 

Part of Me