Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review 17/05/2020

The Sunday afternoon music streams have become one of the favourite times of the week for Twitch music streamer Venus. Everyone and everything is pretty chilled, and a great crowd always gathers to hear Venus's mix of hauntified covers and originals. This sunday Venus did her first ever performance of the new single by Aurora 'Exist for Love' and played an extended set which went well over the regular 90 minute mark. There was more amazing gifting from the Beans, with both Kentai and MadeTooRaid having progressed beyond 800 and 1300 gifts subs respectively and Cheveyyo, our anonymous angel and many others bringing in many beautiful cheers and gifts. The support this gives us to go on building VenusWorld is immense and we are so very grateful. Venus even got out the Ukulele for a rare treat!


Laughter Lines- Venus

Exist for Love - Aurora

Part of Me - Venus

I Will - Radiohead

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

More than Gold - Venus

Feeling Good - Nina Simone

The Moon - The Swell Season

Before You Go - Venus

Saturn - Sleeping at Last

Oxygen - Venus

Nature Boy - Nat King Cole

Every Little Light - Venus

Volcano - Damien Rice

The Night We Met - Lord Huron

Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt

Falling - The Civil Wars 

God From Joe's Perspective - Venus

The Fog - Venus

Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons