VenusWorld Live Music Stream Review Monday April 27th

UK singer Venus streamed her VenusWorld music live stream show on Twitch.TV for the 2nd day running, performing a mixture of originals and covers in a 90 minute set. With help from a couple of raids from EmmaMcGann and DefinitelyABadIdea the audience reached a very healthy 450 and there was a very wonderful love train full of cheers near to the beginning and some amazing sub gifting from the likes of Geronimo_Baby, Buldozair, Our Anonymous Gifter and Kentai. Thank you to ALL our gifters and all our our community - you are helping us build something very special.


Xanny - Billie Eilish

Endless Blue - Venus

To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

Before You Go - Venus

Life in a Glasshouse - Radiohead

The Moon - The Swell Season

Swathe of Stars - Venus

Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars

Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

Oxygen - Venus

Blow by Blow - Laura Marling

Last Hope - Paramore

Part of Me - Venus