Last VenusWorld Stream of the Decade! 30th December 2019

The very last music stream by UK musician and singer songwriter Venus took place on Monday 30th December 2019 and featured some of the most popular requests of the year, both covers and originals. Another big audience of over 300 gathered round the cyber 'fire-place' to help celebrate what has been an amazing year for the incredible VenusWorld community. Special thanks go to our mods, in particular Luke and Kentai, who have worked tirelessly throughout the streams to help us maintain a safe and positive environment and who have also given so generously to help us build Venus's development. Special thanks also go to Madetooraid, Chindorrow and FluffyMumbles who each lead the way with sub-gifting, cheering and donations respectively. 

And the biggest thanks of all goes to our VenusWorld community - our beans, without whom there would be no show. You people are truly THE BEST.


Earth- Sleeping at Last

Oxygen - Venus

Space Oddity - David Bowie

To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

The Song of the Bird - Venus

The Last Song of the Siren - Venus

The Sailor's Song - Venus

Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

I love You - Billie Eilish

A Million Voices - Venus

Time is Running Out - Muse

Saturn - Venus

Windmills of Your Mind - Dusty Springfield

Spinning - Venus

The Fog - Venus