Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Saturday 19 June 2021

Twitch music streamer Venus sang a stunning array of covers and originals in her Saturday stream. Her global audience of Venusians, aka the Beans, showed their appreciation as always with immensely generous support and kind words such as these from controlledbymyowninsanityWho says you need to die first before you can go to heaven? This is heaven How can it not be? You are a beautiful angelic goddess with the most heavenly voice any one's ears will ever have the privilege and honor of listening to. Along with those stunning eyes and heavenly contagious smile just simply beautiful. Her voice has more magic to it than Disney will ever have. Thank you dear Beans! After the show we had so much fun raiding the talented and delightful Argentinian singer-songwriter Javiyuch.

Song List 

A Million Voices - Venus 

Xanny - Billie Eilish 

Moon - The Swell Season 

The Hour That Turned Blue - Venus 

Part of Me - Venus 

Last Hope - Paramore 

Paralysed - Venus 

Warrior - Aurora 

Shades of Cool  - Lana Del Rey 

Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra 

Candy - Paolo Nutini 

Skinny Love - Bon Iver 

Shelter - Birdy 

England Covered in Snow - Laura Marling 

The End of the World - Rob Dickinson 

Post Script - Venus 

Take Me to Church - Hozier 

F it I Miss You - Venus