VenusWorld Twitch TV Music Stream Review - Friday 24th January 2020


Date: Friday 24th January; Location: VenusWorld HQ somewhere in Southern England; Mission: To create 2 hours of hauntified musical excellence in the company of the global Venusians and to lift moods and inspire lives. Key Personnel: UK singer songwriter and musician 'Venus', composer of the legendary VenusWorld anthem 'A Million Voices', the heart-rending 'Before You Go' and the bingest of all bing songs, 'The Fog'..

Action Overview: Ram-packed with music, Venus accomplished her mission with no loss of life. Spirits were raised, depressions were lifted, joy was spread. MISSION SUCCESSFUL. 


Writing's on the Wall - Sam Smith

Stop Me - Venus

Front Porch - Joy Williams

Give Me Light - Marti West

The Fog - Venus

Starlight - Muse

God From Joe's Perspective - Venus

Take Me to Church - Hozier

Teardrop - Massive Attack

The House on the Hill - Venus

Oxygen - Venus

The Song of the Bird - Venus

The Last Song of the Siren - Venus

The Sailor's Song - Venus

Almaz - Randy Crawford

Spinning - Venus

Diving for Pearls - Venus