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❤️ Hello beloved human beans! I'm Venus, a piano playing singer-songwriter bouldering bean musician from near London who writes and performs a mixture of haunting and emotion-packed cinematic indie folk pop originals and cover songs, releasing regular new music and who you can find performing  LIVE from my studio in my tri-weekly 'VenusWorld' stream show on Twitch.TV. I used to be known as the artist 'Sophie Janes'.❤️ 


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'VENUSWORLD' is the brand new album from UK singer-songwriter and Twitch music streamer Venus.

Over two years in the making, ‘VenusWorld’ is an album that has been shaped by the unique alchemy that happens when ‘artist meets fan’ in a live interactive environment such as music streaming. Venus, whose powerful and haunting voice and piano-playing lie at the centre of all her performances, has come to know her fans, their passions, their struggles and their values. And she celebrates her own stories and those of her fans through her compositions which explore subjects as challenging as addiction (‘The Devil at Your Door’ - lofi indie pop), as powerful as belief systems (‘God From Joe’s Perspective’ - alt indie) and as personal as imposter syndrome (A Million Voices’- lofi pop).

Co-produced with record-producer dad Bazza (who made his living as an engineer and producer in the formative days of the UK house music scene and who was one of the first UK songwriters/producers to sign to Motown’s UK publishing division), ‘VenusWorld’ is unashamedly diverse and draws its inspiration from a deep pool of musical influences that span several decades and many genres with flavours of Lana Del Rey, Adele, Aurora, Bowie, Radiohead and cinematic soundtracks. From the contemporary beats of the love song ‘Swathe of Stars’ to the 007 rock vibes of the paranoia-themed ‘Hunted’ to the stripped back acoustic rawness of ‘Her’- a song all about having the courage to express yourself - ‘VenusWorld’ is the unveiling of an artist who has truly found a way to express herself through a diversity of styles
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