Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Wednesday 24 Februay 2021

HOLY CORNFLAKES, WHAT A STREAM! Twitch music streamer Venus, in a black chiffon gown studded with moons, stars and unicorns, held her international audience (aka the Beans) completely entranced with her set of haunting originals and covers, for three amazing hours last night. Even more astonishing was the level of support from those same cherished Beans - you know who you are and we are as grateful as we are in deep shock. Thank you so so so much. Also thanks for raiding us SheepovskayaSarahCoponat and Superphonic. After the show we had the huge pleasure of rading the glorious singer-songwriter Elvie.

Song List

Mykonos - The Fleet Foxes 

Part of Me - Venus 

Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens 

Teardrop - Massive Attack 

Nature Boy - Nat King Cole 

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Elvis 

Hunted -Venus 

The Hush - Venus 

Witness - Venus 

Idontwannabeyou - Billie Eilish 

Web of Lies - Venus 

Soothing - Laura Marling 

Swathe of Stars - Venus 

Devil at Your Door - Venus 

The Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel 

The Blower’s Daughter - Damien Rice 

Post Script - Venus 

Volcano - Damien Rice 

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence 

F it I Miss You - Venus 

Before You Go - Venus 

Oxygen - Venus 

A Million Voices - Venus 

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