Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Sunday 12 September 2021

"No gentle reminder, I'm all out of words today. What a stream. Perfect, just perfect. The finest music brought to life by an even finer artist. This is how any Sunday should always be celebrated. So yes, we are stronger thanks to you, not just today but every day! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! --- Okay, I'll go and try to get a normal heart rate again now, after that I'll work on breathing." Thus spoke our beloved Venusian Bean dismas377 during Sunday's show of original songs, thanks so much for your lovely words, and massive thanks to all our Beans for their stupendous levels of support for Venus. Our post-show raid was on the fabulous Irish singer-songwriter CaoinFitzMusic.


Before You Go 

F it I Miss You 


My Mimosa 

Electrical Storm 

The Web 


Laughter Lines 


The Hour That Turned Blue 

Sea Songs Trilogy 

Swathe of Stars 

Shutter Speed 

The Choir 

The Hush 

A Million Voices 



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