Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Saturday 2 April 2022

"Venus is just out here sucking souls with her voice." said Chat follower thegoodherald during Twitch music streamer Venus' live show on Saturday, to which tegrof_ replied: "It's her favourite food I think." Yes, Venus' soul-crushing and heart-rending renditions of the below list of covers and originals had her global audience of Beans expressing all the emotions as well as outstandingly generous kindness. Thanks Beans. After the show we took everyone to visit the amazingly talented bassist CaiLife in a large raid.

Song List

Ambulance - Eisley 

Halley’s Comet - Billie Eilish 

Shutter Speed - Venus 

Sounds of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel 

9 Crimes - Damien Rice 

Soothing - Laura Marling 

Part of Me - Venus 

Royals - Lorde 

Wicked Game - Chris Isaak 

The Box - Damien Rice 

Baby Run - Venus 

Fields of Gold - Sting 

The Devil at Your Door - Venus 

Oxygen - Venus 

Murder Song - Aurora 

Champion - Venus 

My Immortal - Evanescence 

Hunted - Venus 

California - Lorde 

Elusive - Scott Matthews 

Blow by Blow - Laura Marling 

Listen Before I Go - Billie Eilish 

Getting Older - Billie Eilish 

The Fog - Venus 

A Million Voices - Venus