Venus Twitch Live Music Stream Review Wednesday 30 December 2020

Last stream of 2020!  Twitch music streamer Venus celebrated the final show of the year with her global audience of "Beans" last night with an outstanding performance of original and cover songs. A straw poll of the chat decided the final song to play out the year would be "The Hush" - the very first song Venus ever wrote at the age of 15. We enjoyed raids from the wonderful JiveAces and the amazingly talented Sarah Coponat. Our post-stream raid was on the brilliant Australian musician Meriamber.

Song List

I Love You - Billie Eilish 

A Million Voices - Venus 

Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen 

Every Passing Day - Venus 

Spinning - Venus 

The End of the World - Rob Dickinson 

Part of Me - Venus 

Her - Venus (video) 

Old Stone - Laura Marling 

The Web - Venus 

Saturn - Sleeping at Last 

Sea Songs Trilogy - Venus 

Swathe of Stars - Venus 

Originals Mashup - Oxygen, The Choir, Before You Go, Shutter Speed 

The Hush - Venus